café arirang – best korean in eugene

(Update: See a link to my restaurant review in the Eugene Weekly here.)

Café Arirang on E. Broadway at Ferry Street Bridge, the best kept dining secret in Eugene, now has a list of fall specials, including these spicy soups and noodle dishes to warm your insides:

  • Zzambong, a “very spicy” noodle soup with seafood (9.95);
  • Zzajang Mjun, vegetables, pork, potatoes in a black bean sauce over noodles (8.95); and
  • Beef Short Rib Soup with glass noodle, egg, and vegetables (10.95).

The only problem is that they are closed on Saturdays and the location is kind of wretched (up the street from Evergreen Indian on Franklin, located on that weird little jog where E. Broadway joins Franklin with the Ferry St. bridge).  But once you’re there, you’ll meet the nicest elderly couple who cook and prepare wonderful, homey Korean meals at reasonable prices. They make their own kimchi, and the most authentic Korean in town.  They really need some support from the post-teriyaki crowd.  Every time I go back, I see more and more patrons in the restaurant, but let’s help them flourish!


(I’m sorry about the horrible picture of standard dinner entrée accompaniments taken with my old camera,  but you won’t be sorry.)  Click the restaurant name above for Yelp reviews and the address.  And click here for more reviews at Urbanspoon.

7 thoughts on “café arirang – best korean in eugene

  1. Jaime 9 November 2009 / 9:42 am

    Thank you very much for the great suggestion. I read your blog just in time to go there for my birthday dinner! It was very good, I had the Bi Bim Bap and my husband had the Korean beef. Both of them were excellent. The kim chee was amazing and the service was sweet and genuine. Some of the old school Eugenians will remember it’s in the old Dunkin Doughnuts building. I think it’s a great location, very convienient and lots of parking.


  2. krosen 9 November 2009 / 10:23 am

    I tried them when they first opened and was not impressed. (Through marriage and friendships, I have decades of strong Korean influence in my family and many fabulous meals, so I’m esp. particular.)

    But I will give them another try as I’ve yet to find an exceptional Korean restaurant in town. Thanks for bringing them back to my attention.


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