burgerville sweet potato fries

IMG_1013On our way home from Seattle, we realized we had failed to time our meals properly.  We weren’t hungry in Portland, so we missed the excellent dining opportunities there.  An hour later, though, we were feeling peckish, and deciding we couldn’t face Eugene restaurants, we decided to stop in Albany at the Oregon fast food chain Burgerville.

Burgerville is the good guy of the American fast food industry, offering local ingredients and boasting sustainable practices.  It’s still fast food, but an ethical way to indulge your need for burgers and fries.  And if you are with someone who does not need burgers and fries, the chain offers healthier alternatives that look as if they are actually edible: salads, turkey sandwiches, etc.

The best purchase we made was the sweet potato fries.  Get ’em while they’re hot!  They are only around in the fall.  I like it that Burgerville doesn’t mess around with the sweet potatoes too much.  If anything, they use too much salt, but that’s not too much of a sin.  If you rub them with napkins, the problem goes away.  The sweet potatoes fried very well; they aren’t soggy and the portion is quite generous.

The other fall special at Burgerville, the pumpkin shake, isn’t quite so good.  I tried one sip and it tasted as if I were drinking liquified pumpkin pie — a can of Libby swirled together with some ice cream.  Not a bad thing.  But one tires of liquified pumpkin pie quickly, doesn’t one?


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