something old, something new

DSCF4784This is short notice, but anyone interested in historic Oregon cuisine should check out the Oregon State University’s historical recipes showcase event tomorrow, Wednesday, October 28.  The tasting will feature desserts and other recipes from the archival collection of cook books…treats like trifles, fools and syllabubs.  The event will take place in the East Willamette Room on the third floor of the OSU Valley Library, from noon – 1 pm.

Slightly less short notice…my Master Food Preservers “Gifts in a Jar” evening course, the last one offered in the Market to Pantry series, is full.  We decided to open up an afternoon class that same day.  Both classes are on Thursday, November 19, and there are spots open only in the 1-4 p.m. class.

I’ll be featuring preservation recipes that fit in a standard canning jar, and will make great holiday gifts.  The syllabus is still being developed, but I’ll most likely be demonstrating a sugar plum jam or syrup from plums generously donated by King Estate, layered baking mixes, flavored vinegars, and a wonderfully easy almond brittle.

If you’re interested in taking the afternoon class, please give the MFP hotline a call at 541-682-4246.  Classes are held at the Extension Service Bldg. at the Fairgrounds on W. 13th., and cost $15 a person.  Samples, recipes, and goodies to take home will be provided.  We’ll also have pre-packaged gifts available: premium almonds (generously donated by the Hindrichs family from their Northern California orchard share) and amazing local Ennis hazelnuts, canned goods prepared by certified Master Food Preservers, and commercial grade clear-gel starch thickener for pie fillings and such.  All proceeds to go help keep the OSU Extension Master Food Preservation program alive.

2 thoughts on “something old, something new

  1. Liz Lawrence 29 October 2009 / 3:52 pm

    hey there. congrats on 2nd place best blog in the EW! I voted for you, and you definitely shoulda won 1st. I always enjoy your reviews, reflections, suggestions, recipes. keep it up! looking forward to meeting you in person someday, perhaps at one of the friendly neighborhood events? or perhaps I will sign up for your class… hmmm….


  2. Eugenia 31 October 2009 / 6:59 am

    Thanks! And yes, I’d like to meet you as well — there are still spaces in the afternoon class! :)


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