super deluxe choucroute extravaganza

We shared a wonderful, rustic fall meal at Marché last night: Alsatian choucroute garnie.  It’s not really a meal for the light of heart.  Basically, it’s a giant mound of wine-braised sauerkraut topped with smoked and cured chunks of unctuous pork, several kinds of sausages and potatoes, served with mustard.

I have to thank Marché for this special menu.  I wish they’d do more of these simple, humble family-style dinners.  The price was outstanding for the quality of the meal, and the food was quite good.  The restaurant offers monthly French regional dinners, also a good value, but this was a beast of altogether different proportions.


I don’t know how restaurant-heavy food blogs manage such gorgeous photos of the dishes that are served to hungry foodies.  I could only manage this:


And I think I have a perfectly good reason, too.  Let me explain:


You see, I was dining with The Fastest Fork in the West.  By the time I finished taking these two pictures, he had demolished the boudin noir, Strausbourg, and knackworst-y frankfurter sausages, a pork knuckle, most of the pork (not rabbit, as the menu says) rillette, the quick-pickled vegetables, duck fat potatoes, duck confit, three kinds of mustard (dijon, a particularly wonderful grape must, and plum), and that entire bottle of Sweet Cheeks 2006 Dry Riesling.  I was lucky to escape with a piece of frankfurter, a chunk of pork belly, and my life.

Do other foodies have these problems, these dangers, these Odyssean trials?  I wonder.


2 thoughts on “super deluxe choucroute extravaganza

  1. brandonb 17 October 2009 / 1:26 pm

    do they make all the sausages? I wonder where they get the pork blood for the noir? I have never seen choucroute served with pickled veges before but it looks good.


  2. Eugenia 17 October 2009 / 3:04 pm

    I’m not sure if they made the sausages, but I’ve seen pork blood at Sunrise Market on 29th. And no, pickles are not traditional — surely a nod to the must-eat-vegetables-in-every-meal-or-I’ll-die crowd. And they do add a little color.


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