end of the harvest, end of the line


I think I’m officially out of steam.  I put up two kinds of sauerkraut and more sour dill pickles last week, made chicken stock and ajvar (red pepper and eggplant spread) and went a little crazy with the dehydrator: dried bags of (commercial) green beans and corn/peas/carrots mix for soup, prunes, tomatoes, frozen sour cherries, and winter squash chunks.  The end of last week felled me with the worst cold I’ve ever had, and I stopped mid-pickle, mid-zucchini bread, mid-winter squash experimentations.


My thoughts turned away from food and inward, dwelling on being sick.  I could teach a class on identity and sickness next term, I thought.  I researched it.  I slept.  My ears, head, and throat ached, but I didn’t feel like getting up for medicine.  Oddly, my sense of smell sharpened, and nausea came and went in waves.  I coughed and sneezed and slept and used up a trash can with kleenex.


But I’m feeling better now, still weak and exhausted, but better.  I pulled out the summer squash and cucumbers, and pondered the green tomatoes.  Each year I make green tomato dill pickles, something I like best of all my pickles.  I don’t think I’m going to do it this year, though. [ETA: I did two pint jars.  That’s it.  Finis.]  We have jars and jars of dill relish that will last us through the year.  I composted the shredded zucchini today, along with the last of the cucumbers.  I’m going to pull the tomatillos tomorrow and harvest the rest of the dried beans.  And I’m going to stay in bed as long as possible in the morning and read.  Because I’m done.


For now. :)

2 thoughts on “end of the harvest, end of the line

  1. Lelo 13 October 2009 / 8:02 am

    I thought I was done too. But now there’s the apples. Apple butter. Mmmmmmm.

    This post reminds me how done I’m feeling about the garden. DONE. Time to rest. But the apples….


  2. Eugenia 13 October 2009 / 5:45 pm

    Yeah, I already have a whole new set of projects… :/

    I owe you an email, Lelo! I’m still behind from the being-sick, but will write soon.


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