blue cheese molten grilled tomatoes


Too many tomatoes?  Try my molten grilled tomatoes, a good way to use up the firm, round slicers with strong walls, like the Early Girls with which we are inundated.  This is one of my summertime staples, and as I mention in the recipe linked below, it’s not fancy food but it’s delicious.  I try a slightly different recipe each time.  This launch deployed fresh breadcrumbs, a soft blue cheese, and homemade celery salt.  I was going for a Buffalo chicken wing feel.  Eh.   The musky blue cheese got lost in the tomato (maybe try a sharper version and more cheese?), and the bread crumbs turned mushy.  Couldn’t taste the celeriac in the celery salt at all.


I still like the classic, my slight variation on my dad’s recipe, much better.  The sweetness of the honey, salt, bitterness of the pepper, heat of the chilis and tang of the acidic tomato…and umami of the parmesan!  Perfection.  But I did learn something: use old aluminum pie plate wrapped in foil.  It held up much better and was easier to transport than the foil boat I usually use.

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