last pickling class of summer!


Run, don’t walk, with your pickle hats on to the next class in the Master Food Preserver “From Market to Pantry” summer class series: pickling! It will be held tomorrow, Thursday, August 6, from 6-9 pm, at the Lane County Extension offices next to the Fairground (950 W. 13th, Eugene).

For more information and to sign up for this or a future class, check out the course series brochure on the OSU Extension website, or download it here: MrktPntrySumr09 .

The pickle class will cover basic pickling techniques, such as  dill and bread-and-butter cucumber pickles, sauerkraut, and everyone’s favorite dilly beans.  The cost is practically free, at $15, and you’ll take home recipes, a jar of dilly beans, and a belly full of samples.  If you’re considering taking a MFP class this summer, make this the one!  You can’t beat the price or the quality of education, and we can’t say if we’ll be able to offer these classes again next year due to the ongoing budget problem.

And another comment on the budget woes — we are able to offer these classes because of a team of dedicated volunteers.  You’ll be assisted by a group of trained, certified MFP volunteers, who man stations set up for hands-on instruction and clean up.  The teacher of these classes often spends several hours preparing the lesson and sourcing jars and vegetables.  No one is paid for these services; we just do it because we’re dedicated to this lifestyle and educating others.

Last time a class was offered, the Register-Guard misprinted the class price as $5 versus $15, and a couple bad apples actually refused to pay the difference.  I’m sure it wasn’t anyone who reads my blog. But if you see them, tell them we’re already running at a deficit for these classes.  A similar pickling class in Portland would run you at least $75, often more.  You’re getting a bargain at 15 bucks, believe me, as you’re learning how to preserve the harvest, make homemade gifts, and support our local farmers.


One thought on “last pickling class of summer!

  1. Erin 8 August 2009 / 5:51 pm

    I would SO take your class if I were anywhere near Eugene.


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