lookee what i found!


I stopped by an Ethiopian market in Portland, and lo and behold, fresh, gorgeous injera.  There’s a woman in town who makes it — and I’ll tell ya what, I think every single Ethiopian in the whole city had ordered some that day, since they had a full standing display of them and each one was reserved.  The shopkeep sent me down the street to another market, and I scored.

Ethiopian tonight!

The same shopkeep advised me that one can easily freeze prepared injera.  Just fold each piece in four, then stack 3-4 together and freeze in gallon-sized freezer bags.  40 seconds in the microwave will make them, she assured, the same as new.

Ethiopian in two weeks!

2 thoughts on “lookee what i found!

  1. Maria 20 July 2009 / 7:51 pm

    *likes this*



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