garden update from about a month ago


Aren’t they beautiful?  I’ve been digging out a handful or two of new potatoes every few days from my German Butterball crop.  These are the first, taken in early June.  The potatoes grow in the row marked by the convergence of the two hoses, in front of the raspberries, which are in the row farthest away from my hand.  The potato row is mostly blocked by peas in the row to the west of it, but it also contains pickling cucumbers, a few favas I’ve let go to seed, and two cabbages.

You can also see my arugula, near the peas and under the second solar lamp, a big clump of mint in the next row to the west, some fennel fronds, and a bunch of spindly tomatoes and gasping basil.  I think I’ve lost the basil this year.  First time ever.  Our cool weather has not been kind.  The tomatoes are doing well in one row and not so well in the second row.  I think I made it too compost-heavy when I split one existing row into two this spring.  Oh well.


Here’s a better shot of the tomatoes and tomatillos, also taken in early June.  I need to do an updated photo shoot, don’t I?  I’m standing next to the pea and arugula row, the potatoes and raspberries behind me.  That sad row in front of me is the beets, fennel, and cabbage.  They all look better now; I think I weathered the aphid storm.  Over by the shed is the artichoke plant that’s doing well, and the other artichoke plant that isn’t (not in photo).


Artichokes up close and personal.  The straggler is bathed in sunlight in the middle of the photo, in between a very healthy lovage plant and the other artichoke.  You have to squint to see it.  I planted the two artichokes together three springs ago, and this is the first year one is not responding to my ministrations.  But honestly, it’s ok, because I’d really like to build a cold frame in exactly this spot.  It gets wonderful morning sun, and remains sunny for most of the day.   Still, I wonder what is going on here.  The healthy artichoke is sheltered by the sun somewhat by the monster rosemary bush.  I thought artichokes needed plenty of sun.  I also worried about the “breathable” porous landscaping cloth I had around the artichokes, covered in compost and possibly blocking water flow because of the fine bits of soil matter clogging the pores.  I pulled it out this year, but it didn’t seem to help.

So that’s about it for now.  I’ll take more photos soon.

One thought on “garden update from about a month ago

  1. Robin 12 July 2009 / 10:40 am

    Thanks for the update! We’re definitely at that point in the season when the initial excitement of those beautiful green shoots rising from the earth gives way to reality and acceptance that there are wins and losses every year. That quest to experiment and learn more every season makes gardening such a great hobby.


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