busy as a bee


Pollen gotcha down?  We’ve been a little sneezy, but my allergies are nothing compared to what they were in Orange County.  I’m allergic to smog more than anything else, and it’s much worse now that I don’t spend much time in cities.

But who cares about smog when you’re in Eugene and it’s 85 degrees and you’ve got an exploding garden yearning to fruit up and flourish?


My peas shot up overnight, going from blossom to full-size snow pea in one day.  My eight pepper plants are happy in their new hot bed on the south side of the house.  My tomatoes are going crazy and the raspberries and blackcaps all have little berries on them.  I’ve got eight little artichokes poking their heads out of the leaves, and a few pints of strawberries on the verge of ripening.

The only things that aren’t doing well are one rhubarb (surprisingly a Victoria, which is supposed to do well here) and the chioggia beets.  Oh well. And I’m a little mad at myself for inexplicably losing my tin with all my seeds from 2008, including heirloom beans and my cucumbers.  Grr.


My haskap (blue honeysuckle) berry hedge is doing well.  I think I lost one of the six plants, but I’m still hoping for the best.  They were a bit chomped on when I planted them, but they took to the soil well and are flourishing.  You can see some of the leaf damage and the little unripe berries.  My dahlias are coming up and I have two calla lily flowers for the first time ever.

Par for the course but annoying: I’ve been dealing with some equipment failure.  My old soaker hoses are finally giving up the ghost, and I ran to the store quicker than you could say “no more piece of crap for me!” when my beater wheelbarrow’s wheel fell off.  (The old one is posing above in the lost corner with the wormwood, fennel, sunchokes, baby lilac, and a plum bush made from gen-u-wine wild plum shoots.)

I’m headed back to Buffalo to finish my research fellowship and give a conference paper, so keep your fingers crossed for my garden.  See y’all soon!

2 thoughts on “busy as a bee

  1. Amy 2 June 2009 / 4:45 am

    jealous that you have blackcaps in your garden! they are hard to get here, although some farmers on River Road planted 3-5 acres of them.

    Sounds like your garden is doing great – it will miss you!


  2. Eugenia 2 June 2009 / 8:39 am

    Amy!! They really took off in Year 2, and I’m surprised. Don’t think I’ll have more than a pint, though, since I pruned them back too much, d’oh.

    Hope you’re planning a more detailed garden/chicken update. Can’t wait to hear what you do with the favas. You’ll have plenty to dry, I think. I have a couple of recipes in the archives, if you search ‘fava beans.’ I have couple of healthy plants I let go, but since I used cover crop beans this year and not the real culinary favas, I don’t think they’ll taste or look that great.


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