you can can: a canning demo at down to earth


Need a new canner?  Please join me at a demonstration of basic waterbath canning techniques at Down To Earth (Olive & 5th) this Saturday, May 23, from 1-3.  This will be the first of several in a series of preservation demos presented by the OSU Extension – Lane County Master Food Preservers and hosted at Down to Earth’s flagship store.

What will be covered:

  • equipment you’ll need to can jams, jellies, and pie fillings;
  • what can be canned safely in a waterbath canner;
  • how to choose pectin for classic and low-sugar jams;
  • using Clear-Gel for fruit pie fillings (we’ll have this hard-to-find professional-grade modified vegetable starch on hand for sale, with all proceeds benefitting the OSU Extension Master Food Preservers);
  • tips on making jams beautiful enough to win ribbons at the County Fair;
  • and much more!

Even if you’re an experienced canner, please stop by to say hello and help yourself to the delicious samples, recipes and hand-outs developed by the Master Food Preservers!

P.S.  The photo features an antique pressure canner, not a waterbath canner, used at our MFP display at the Lane County Fair last year.  It still works!  If you don’t know the difference, come Down to Earth and ask me! :)