dyngus day


Happy Dyngus Day!  It’s Easter Monday, a holiday celebrated mainly (from what I can tell) by Polish-American people and their fans in my host city of Buffalo.  Pussy willows, Piwo, Polkas, Parades, Parties and a Plethora of Polish Pride. Go team!   Piwo is beer, and the pussy willows are used as a substitute for Easter palms (since there aren’t too many palm trees in Poland…or Buffalo), and some people use them to hit other people in an ancient spring ritual of greeting, after those people douse them with water.  Go team!!

Will I be attending the parade, mingling with the throngs at Broadway Market, quaffing piwo at the local pubs in Polonia, randomly striking passers-by with pussy willows?  Probably not.  I don’t have the patience for the crowds, and am too busy preparing for my upcoming talk on Wednesday.  Alas.  But I’ll be there in spirit.


I honestly didn’t intend for this to become a Polish food blog, but I’m just so tickled to have Polish food around I can’t stop thinking about it.  I just have to mention my own Dyngus Day celebration  — eating Easter bread.  It’s an egg-glazed, round, rich loaf studded with golden and dark raisins.  Bought it on my adventure to Wegman’s, a supermarket that has a plethora of ethnic and upmarket foods, and a sign over an aisle that helpfully directs people to frozen pierogies.  Scored some seedless Polish rye, too.  They had Polish coffee cake, which I sampled but didn’t buy, and CHRUSCIKI, little angel wing cookies!  Also didn’t buy.  Because — good god — how much carby Polishness can one person consume?

I do want to tour the Polish areas of town before I leave, and check out Broadway Market on a quieter day.  Can’t wait.

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