public service announcement for spring lettuces


Public Service Announcement:

Spring salads are coming!  Have you made your homemade fruit and herb vinegars yet?  You’ll be wanting an unusual, pretty vinegar for those gorgeous garden lettuces that will be ready for the plucking.  Pluck, pluck, pluck.

You’ll need to let it sit for a month or so at the very least, so don’t delay.  For small batches of flavored vinegars, use a vinegar that’s high quality, and fill the jar no more than a third full with solids.  One of my very favorite spring vinegars is chive and lemon.  But the new one I’ve pictured, local cranberry, home-dried cherry, and dried rose petal, is like a perky little spring bud: a bit sour, a bit sweet, with a hint of flowery promise.

2 thoughts on “public service announcement for spring lettuces

  1. Amy 9 April 2009 / 6:54 pm

    Oh – fabulous idea. Maybe this will get me out of my standard vinaigrette rut. And I still have those vinegars from the Gifts of the Kitchen class – thanks for the reminder!


  2. Mike 15 April 2009 / 7:51 am

    Wait – more details! In what manner, eg, does one prepare the lemon for that chive & lemon vinegar?


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