vegetable varieties for the willamette valley

dscf3267If you’re planting a new vegetable garden in Western Oregon or just trying some new veggies, I’m sure you’re as curious as I am about which cultivars suit our strange climate best.

Eureka!  Some sound suggestions for vegetable varieties to plant in your home garden are now available from OSU Extension.  The publication also provides a link to test results, showing ratings for factors such as hardiness, disease resistance, and taste for many vegetable varieties.  I’m particularly excited because there is a list of good cultivars of Asian vegetables, something I find difficult to buy here (even at farmer’s markets).

Does planting the right plant in the right place guarantee you’ll grow carrots like these from the Grass Roots Garden in North Eugene?  Well, no.  The real gardener, it is said, is a soil gardener.  Merry and her team are soil specialists, as you’ve seen from my previous posts on Grass Roots.

So when you’re done making your list and buying your seeds/starts, consider taking a compost or vermiculture class this spring for amazing vegetables this summer!  There are many gardening classes listed on the OSU Extension events calendar at no and low cost.


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