polishing a few off: notes from buffalo


The first meal I made in Buffalo was, inadvertently, pirogies!  I was so excited to find these fresh, huge, plump sauerkraut pierogies at the super-supermarket, Wegman’s, that I rushed home, made some fresh applesauce, and did the whole nom yards.  Polish people: we are legion.


I was also very pleased to discover that the university has an international food court, with cheap and somewhat greasy but authentic Korean, Japanese, Indian and Middle Eastern Food.  The Chinese food looked suspect, but you know how I am about that.  There’s also a kosher deli.  And that’s all I’ve discovered — I’m sure there’s more.  But after living in ethnic food purgatory, it’s a welcome relief to run down to the fast food joint for a steaming bowl of oyako-don with a side of taro root bubble tea, know what I mean?

The first day was sunny and gorgeous, but then the hospitality crew arrived.  Knowing I was from Eugene, they dropped off this package at my front door this morning:


Ah, home sweet home.  But hey, who’s complaining?  No snow yet.

I’m staying with a friendly graduate student, who has been extremely generous with her space and even her friend’s car (see supermarket trip, above).  She’s showed me a trick or two, and seems tolerant of my need for quiet and unfun cloistering this month.

And oh yeah, the archives are wonderful.  I am feeling really lucky right now.  I landed in the middle of preparations for a big Joyce conference (part of the reason I’m here) and they are working on an accompanying exhibition in Special Collections, where I’m working.  The room is filled with Joyce’s spirit, plus a constant trickle of people who want to talk or read about him.  I’ve already met a handful of people who are doing interesting things.  But I’m trying to master my jetlag, so more about all of this later.  And most likely, with food.


2 thoughts on “polishing a few off: notes from buffalo

  1. Mom 3 April 2009 / 8:55 pm

    Pierogis? That’s my girl!!
    Sounds like you are going to have a wonderful trip..


  2. Cassie Schmitt 4 April 2009 / 11:55 am

    Yay archives! Also, Wegmens is one of the things I miss most about upstate NY. The one in Binghamton had a great international section. I have yet to find one as good anywhere else.


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