out like a lamb: my garden in march


An early spring garden gallery for you.  My chives among the allium have overwintered, and are starting to send up little chive flower stalks.  My magic tarragon made it through the winter, too.


The artichokes were pretty much vaniquished by the snow, I thought, but they’re already back and going like gangbusters.  The rosemary stands sentinel, and the strawberry patch regroups.


Kitty + lovage shoots next to the artichokes = kitty lovage.  A wild pansy surveys the strawberry patch, thinking thoughts in French.



To me, there is no more glorious sight than a big patch of dirt in March.  It’s not a great image, but you can see the rosemary and one artichoke immediately in front of the shed.  Boris is the dark blotch to the left (where the lovage grows), and the herb garden, allium patch, and strawberry patch are in the rows closest to the shed.  The dark areas of soil are where I built out the six rows another foot, and the woodchips mark my new path on the south side of the garden.  The north side still needs woodchips for a similar path.  The metal structure on the bottom left is part of my pea support.

Behind the photographer (yours truly) is the potato and fennel row, and the cane berries (raspberries, blackcaps, and a new tayberry), and my little elderberry shrub.  The shed hides my new rhubarb, a wormwood plant, and jerusalem artichokes.


Let the games begin!


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