happy paczki day 2009


It’s that time of year again, that donutty time of year which falls on the day before Lent begins.  Many Polish-American Catholic families round up the fats and flours in the household and use them to make paczki, the jam-filled donut, and call it Paczki Day.  Others go out and celebrate in the streets.

Me?  Each year, I desperately launch into a Google project to find a Polish bakery, a single Polish bakery on the West Coast, that might sell them to me, and celebrate by going to a crummy donut shop when I fail. Then I write to a bunch of people and wish them a Happy Paczki Day, with my wishes that the next year will bring fat fortune.

Yesterday, as I was celebrating in my traditional way, I was pleased to see there is at least one confirmed place in the PNW that sells paczki: a market in Seattle.  It then occurred to me that we have a new donut outfit in Eugene.  Holy Donuts makes organic, vegan donuts in novel flavors.  I had seen the donuts at our local Friendly Street Market, the Saturday Market, Market of Choice, Sundance, New Frontier, The Kiva, and other places around town.

So I gave owner Karen Nunley a call and asked her to make me a dozen paczki-style donuts, filled with raspberry jam.  They arrived on my doorstep this morning, and we are finally celebrating Paczki Day in style.

The donuts are fresh and cakey, with a filling that tastes of real raspberries and a vanilla glaze.  They are very sweet, but I forgive them that, since a non-sweet donut would be ostracized in the donut community.  I believe the filled ones need to be special-ordered until Holiday Market rolls around.  Karen told me that she’s planning to open up a shop in midtown in the near future.  Stay tuned…we might be able to go out for Paczki Day next year!

Thanks, Karen, and Happy Paczki Day to all!

6 thoughts on “happy paczki day 2009

  1. AB 24 February 2009 / 10:07 am

    Thanks for the article as a Michigan native living in Central Oregon. I decided after a 5 year drought of paczki to do a little search and realized no one even knew what they were. Next year I will have some overnighted to me. As much as I love this great area, there is a significant lack of cultural food and I do not mean Mexican and Chinese or Thai. Thanks I do not feel so alone today, just paczki deprived!


  2. Eugenia 24 February 2009 / 3:21 pm

    I completely understand. Good luck with your overnighting.


  3. Sara 26 February 2009 / 12:31 pm

    Wow, these look amazing! I’m sure they taste delicious too.


  4. Sj 28 February 2009 / 7:25 pm

    oh my aching sweettooth! Eugenia, you eugenius you!


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