ski weekend


We’re going up to a small mountain lake resort for the weekend, my husband’s department’s annual retreat.  It’s an older property in a gorgeous setting.  They have little cabins, a lodge with a roaring fire, ski and snowshoe rental, and all the snow one could want.  No internet or cell phone access, yay.   I don’t even know how long it’s been since I’ve been without access.  I’m going to cook warming foods, cavort about in the beauty of Oregon, and work on my dissertation.  Which is exactly what I usually do, but with the email and phone beeping at me.  Hm.

We’ll be missing the microbrew festival in Eugene — if you go, tell me how it went.  And if you’ll be at the resort, see you there!

The bean article in the Eugene Weekly is still forthcoming, just not this week.  What can we say: there’s been a lot of news lately.  O tempora.  But bean news continues to hit the stands here at Culinaria Eugenius.  I’m absolutely thrilled that I’ve managed to procure two big bags of dried local pinto and garbanzo beans from Stalford Seed Farms, one of the participants in the Great Bean and Grain Trials of 2009, an endeavor to convert grass seed cropland to beans and grains for our local food network.  More on this soon!



2 thoughts on “ski weekend

  1. annie 14 February 2009 / 2:36 pm

    We went to the beer festival, since we had to skip the wild mountains of Oregon for a basketball game. The chocolate habanero stout was disgusting and the pink cherry Lambic was ungodly sweet. Other than that, organic beer is certainly trendy this year! On Friday, people were swaying by 10, in spite of the far too mellow band. And, occasionally, the room was punctuated by the sound of a tasting glass shattering on the concrete floors and hooting by the crowd (in response to the above).

    How was the snow? And the quiet?


  2. Eugenia 15 February 2009 / 6:27 am

    That doesn’t sound particularly nice, actually. The quiet was good; the snow was not so good! But I was able to concentrate and do some good thinking and writing up there. Plus we made tons of food. :)


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