a prohibition manhattan?

And while I’m on a rant…

compare, if you would:


The Midtown Manhattan cocktail at Bel Ami (I lifted this photo from Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s website without consulting him first, so don’t think he has anything to do with this comparison.  You can find the incredibly delicious recipe on his site by clicking here.)



A recreation of a “Manhattan” served to a friend at Jo Federigo’s last night.*  The recreation might even be a bit darker than the original, which was the pale-est straw gold in color.  When it arrived at the table, it was so light I thought it was a martini with a glowing red maraschino cherry at the bottom.  At this point in the evening, I had had two (cherry-free) martinis and didn’t even feel a tiny bit tipsy, so I thought it would be pointless to continue.  Everyone else switched over to beer.

Just thought I’d post this observation — it’s worthwhile, I think, to make note when a bar is watering down its drinks to ridiculous levels, especially if you’re paying $10 a throw.  The jazz wasn’t bad, though.  I won’t say anything about the food.

* No whiskey was harmed in the making of this recreation, but I’ll admit that I ate the cherry.

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