caught on camera by the wild mushroom paparazzi!


A group of us gathered for an edible mushroom seminar yesterday at Mt. Pisgah Arboretum.  The program, led by mushroom enthusiast Josiah Legler, featured a short lecture on mushroom identification, a forest hike on which we found several edible and non-edible species, and a return to the arboretum’s visitor center, where, armed with thick mushrooming books, we learned how to use the dichotomous keys to identify some of our findings.

I’m planning to write more about mushrooms soon, but wanted to share my favorite photo from the series I took on the hike.  The wild mushroom paparazzi swarm Josiah and a perfectly beautiful, dimpled, fleshy pink hedgehog mushroom, caught unaware in the brush.

If you’re interested in Mt. Pisgah’s mushroom walks or any other program, check ’em out here.  They fill up quickly, so don’t wait to register.


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