got genmaicha?


As I settle in to a new quarter and work on impending deadlines, I am relying on some of my Bay Area purchases to get me through the day.  Not the least of which is a cup of premium Japanese genmai cha.

I love genmai cha. It’s a blend of green tea and toasted rice, and it tastes mellow, toasty, comforting and healthy: a perfect get-to-work drink.  With less caffeine than regular tea, it’s both stimulating and relaxing.  Genmai cha isn’t tannic or harsh like some teas; indeed, its peasant origins explain the weak brew.  The toasted rice traditionally served as a filler to extend your supply of tea leaves.   It won’t shock the enamel off your teeth.  There’s nothing fancy or perfumed in it.  It’s just a simple, low-grade pleasure elixir. I highly recommend it.  Loose tea instead of teabags if you can, because it is a treat to see the leetle popcorn-like bits of puffed rice studding the tea.


2 thoughts on “got genmaicha?

  1. Mary R 10 January 2009 / 2:20 am

    Genmaicha’s been my grad-school beverage of choice thus far, and it was a treat to see a write-up of it on your blog–which is, of course, always a pleasure to read.

    If it’s the mellow factor that floats your boat, you might want to check out some greener oolongs, particularly those with a Taiwanese pedigree. I prefer the more floral ones from Ali Shan or Tung Ting (Dong Ding), but usually any rolled “jade” oolong will hit the spot. Highly recommended.


  2. Eugenia 10 January 2009 / 1:01 pm

    Thanks, Mary! You can bet I’ll check ’em out.


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