winter food donations in lane county

Donations are down from last year, and as you know, we’re entering cold, stark times.  Please consider taking a look through your pantries for food you might give to those less fortunate.

The easiest way to give is right outside your front door.  Tomorrow (Saturday, December 13) is the second and last day for the Lane County Letter Carriers Food Drive.  Leave non-perishable, non-glass food donations out by your mailbox in plastic bags.

Local markets are also collecting food and other donations.  Albertson’s on 18th and Chambers, for example, has a barrel for donations, as well as the Scan-A-Coupon program you’ve seen at checkout registers in many Eugene grocery stores, where you can purchase an amount for Food for Lane County.

Another local market, Friendly Street Market at 28th and Friendly, is offering a 10% coupon for any purchase at the market this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 13 and 14) in exchange for one of two offerings:  (1) 3 cans/packages of non-perishable food; or (2) a new toy/gift/gift certificate for children from 0-21.  They especially need gift certificates for teens and older children.

If you’d like to know more about what foods are most needed, check out my earlier blog post on this topic.

The Register Guard ran an ad from Food for Lane County (FFLC) the other day that has a couple more suggestions:

  • Donate money by calling FFLC at 541-343-2822 or online at ; and
  • Volunteer preparing food or sorting food in their really top-notch facility, or serving dinner in their dining room.  Call Sheyla Norte at 343-2822 x306 to discuss volunteer opportunities.

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