thanksgiving menu

I don’t think I could have made this happen without the heroic hard work done by my husband before the feast.   He also did all the dishes.  Yes, there are many, many reasons to give thanks this year to my love, the man of many ways.


And our dinner?  Well, it was just plain gluttony.  There’s no easy way to say it.  I can’t take credit for the whole menu, since we had significant contributions from our friends.  The food divine, the company even better.  And before the night was out, we had all improved our vocabularies.  Can you even imagine a better party?


Thanksgiving 2008

Warm-Up Acts

Two Oregon Cheeses
Noris Dairy Farmhouse and Tumalo Farms Nocciola, a hazelnut-studded goat cheese from Oregon’s newest dairy

Mixed Pickle
Leftovers from my garden

Rosemary and Orange-Glazed Willamette Valley Hazelnuts

Passed Phyllo Mouthfuls
Leeks, smoked salmon, goat cheese, brie


Main Event

Shelton’s Turkey with Giblet and Celeriac Gravy

Squash Whip Queen of Hungary
The Western world’s first perfume, but in a squash purée:
Delicata, turban and acorn squashes soused with bourbon, thyme and rosemary oil

Creamed Mashed Potatoes

Potatoes & Lobster Mushrooms
Locally collected from Loop A, Campground X, Y Miles from Z, Oregon Coast

Chestnut, Bacon and Leek Stuffing

Brussels Sprout Endive Hash with Dukkha
Stirfried and dusted with an Egyptian hazelnut and sesame seed mix

Cucumber Salad Szmansky
Sweet and sour vinegar with onion

Green Salad with Pasta and Apples



Cherry Cranberry Comp-oat
Hentze Farm sour cherries and Bandon cranberries with an oat crumble topping

L. A. Burdick Chocolates
Turkeys & Celebratory President-Elect Obama Collection

Cream Cheese Pie

Café Mam Mocho Blend coffee with Noris Dairy cream

Blackberry cordial, Carpano Antica Formula, V. Sattui Madeira

One thought on “thanksgiving menu

  1. Amy 29 November 2008 / 9:06 pm

    Yumm. Sounds like an amazing meal with some non-traditional dishes with traditional ingredients. I will have to try some of the recipes in your Weekly article – they look delicious!


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