potluck for days gone by


It makes me kind of really very crazy upset that I missed this archival potluck featuring old recipes from OSU Extension in Corvallis last month (the image is from the news article).  I’m very interested in early-twentieth-century cuisine, and it would have been a pleasurable way to internalize a history lesson about rural PNW cooking.  I’m getting so used to RSS feeds and emailing lists that I forget to take the initiative to check local sites and print media.  Sigh.  Lesson learned.  At least I know where to find the recipe for cheese jelly.


3 thoughts on “potluck for days gone by

  1. Janet 22 November 2008 / 2:31 pm

    Cheese jelly?? I’m not even sure what kind of mental picture to form of that.


  2. Maria 23 November 2008 / 10:03 am

    “…cheese jelly salad, which combines one cup of whipped cream, a half-cup of grated cheese, a tablespoon of gelatin, and salt and pepper.”

    You totally have to make the cheese jelly! Just for the picture! Oh, come on. I dare you. :D


  3. Janice 25 November 2008 / 8:01 am

    That picture looks so much like the 19th-c cooking classroom at the Scotland Street School Museum in Glasgow. (But there were no young ladies in white aprons when I was there.)


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