sweet openings

This week marks the new school year for universities and colleges in the Willamette Valley on the quarter system, and also the Jewish new year, Rosh Hashanah.  I’m not even remotely religious, but I do like me some food holidays, so you can bet Retrogrouch and I are eating sugary nothings to usher in a sweet new year.  The traditional snack is apples and honey, so I stopped off at the vegetable barn in Albany on my way back from teaching my poetry class at Linn-Benton in Corvallis, and picked up some local apples and apple cider. The honey I bought from a fellow MFP volunteer in Roseburg, who finds this Kauk’s Bees wildflower honey absolutely delicious, and I agree.  I don’t know what they’re feeding those bees with, but it yields deep and rich honey, like Meadowfoam honey, but without the slightly burnt aftertaste.

I do hope the year will be as sweet and soft as honey for all of us, or at least as crunchy and shiny as apples.  Or as steadfast as a gourd from my garden.  Or as big and happy as my pumpkin (and only slightly chewed).  I suspect this will be a rocky one, what with the economic crisis and all.  All I can say is hold your nose and close your eyes…maybe the elections will bring a bright spot of hope.

I’ve been crazy busy, spitting out articles left and right, and preparing all my materials for the big job season that’s underway.  In English, we have one big conference where almost all of the interviews happen.  Since I’m finishing my Ph.D. this year, it’s a crucial year for me, and I’m going to need every bit of sweetness I can get.  My first application goes out today.  So please help me celebrate the new — drink a big, cold glass of this season’s first crop fresh cider for me, thank you very much!

One thought on “sweet openings

  1. Janet 1 October 2008 / 2:01 pm

    Do you ever try sage honey? It’s my general kitchen favorite… dark and wild but not so many off-flavors that it’ll upset the balance of whatever I use it in.


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