taco mondays at belly


Belly, Eugene’s best new restaurant*, is now serving simple taqueria-style tacos for lunch on Mondays.

On the menu:  carnitas ($3.50), carne asada ($4), baja fish (deep fried cod, $4.50) and veggie ($4).  Each comes with onion and cilantro, plus condiments of your choosing: marinated red onions, jalapeño, tomatillo and red salsas, and avocado crème.

The meat is premium quality, and two suffice for a satisfying meal.  I had the carnitas and carne asada the other day.  The former was oily and succulent, but a tad oversalted, and the latter was just plain delicious.  I would have loved to have seen grilled jalapenos instead of the pickled canned (?) ones since they match so brilliantly with deep-fried pork, but eh, I’m a complainer.  You can also get Jarritos sodas and ‘Merrcun ones served out of a cooler.  This is casual, delicious, quick lunch food.  N.b.  they’re serving it lunchtimes on Mondays only, and this weekday may change.

Of course, I had to take the opportunity to drool over some of the specialties on the September dinner menu.  Bacon-wrapped grilled figs with sheep milk cheese ($9), anyone?  Mussel and cucumber salad ($8)?  Farm chicken in vinegar ($14)?

Check ’em out on 5th Ave., across from what I just realized is the misnamed Fifth Street Public Market.  Sigh, Eugene.

*according to me.  Other results aren’t in yet.


5 thoughts on “taco mondays at belly

  1. Molly 18 September 2008 / 11:47 am

    The figs were FREAKING AMAZING (capital letters totally necessary) last night. I kinda wish we’d gotten the chicken but I was with a friend who hadn’t been yet, so I just told him to pick, and I’d eat whatever was in front of me. But the figs. So good. I want more!


  2. Eugenia 20 September 2008 / 3:37 pm

    I suspected as much!


  3. Andrea 23 September 2008 / 1:59 pm

    Great blog! Stumbled upon it when i googled “gelato eugene” i keep one for the R-G, and you’ve found a fellow belly fan…


    but i guess we may part ways there, since today’s impending update will be in favor of Lago Blu (but it’s close to the R-G in my defense).

    anywho, i’m a lover of food blogs, so you’ve got a regular reader!


  4. Eugenia 23 September 2008 / 7:14 pm

    Thanks, Andrea, for spreading the good word! Great to see another local food blogger, and you obviously have discriminating taste. :)

    But yeah, I’m just so-so on more gelato in Eugene, but some of those flavors seem very intriguing…


  5. sharon 17 January 2009 / 7:00 pm

    The food is excellent but there was a snarky female server I could have lived without.

    When I asked for more toast for our pate she actually mocked my speech.


    Did I mention that the food is EXCELLENT? Definately worth the snark. ;)

    The wine list is well priced.

    Corkage fee?


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