couteau bonswan’s blackberry pie

People always ask me how to make a blackberry pie.  Actually, no one has ever asked me.  But if they did, without hesitation, I’d give them the recipe at the top of this page, which is the best blackberry pie I’ve had.  Couteau Bonswan is a food blogger who has moved on to other pastures, apparently, but someone needs to spread the word that her pie lives on.  I’m pasting it here as a quote in case I lose the link again, ‘cuz it doesn’t want to come up in searches for me.  Hope you don’t mind, Couteau!

I haven’t tried her other recipe for a blackberry custard pie, but it it’s half as good as this one, I sure will.

Couteau Bonswan’s Blackberry Pie

4.5 cups blackberries
.5 cup water
2 tbs cornstarch
1 cup sugar

Mash 1.5 cups of berries with a fork. Add .5 cup of water and cook until warm. Mix 2 tbs. cornstarch with 1 cup sugar. Add to berry mixture and cook until thick. Cool partly.

Put 3 cups of berries in cooled pie shell. Pour above mixture over top and stir around a bit to distribute throughout. Chill.

Top with whipped cream (optional).

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