something fishy

I’ve been grinding away at a big deadline for the past few weeks, but I did have a chance to can tuna for the first time, good Oregon albacore, a couple of weeks ago.  It is delicious, a bit stronger in flavor (“oh, you mean it doesn’t taste like catfood” – Anonymous MFP) than normal tuna, and it’s fabulous in tuna salad.

Apparently, there will be a late run on albacore this year, so if you do decide to pressure-can tuna, please give the Master Food Preservers a call on our hotline (listed to the right on this page) if you have any questions.  I think I had four the other day, and since tuna is such a long, expensive process with safety issues, they were worth it to the callers, I’m sure.

On another fishy note, I’m going to the coast tomorrow to save my husband from broken glasses on his bike trip.  It’s the first time I’ve been away from my life of drudgery in Eugene for weeks and weeks.  Well, ok, I did go to Ikea.  But still.  I’m feelin’ an overdue of naughti-cal and beachy.  Anchors away!

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