feeling the urge to can your green?

I spoke to many people at the fair who expressed an interest in learning how to preserve local foods.  Here’s your chance!  A reminder and warm invitation to cook with us:

The Master Food Preservers are holding a class at Lane County Extension in Eugene this Saturday, August 23, from 9 am to 3 pm called “Cooking and Preserving Green” to help raise funds for our survival.  Early registration is $40 a person, $75 for couples, and at-the-door is $50 a person.  Spaces are filling up, so please call 541-682-4246 to register soon.

Some of the things planned are pickling cucumbers, pressure-canning beans, drying herbs and vegetables, freezing and waterbath canning.  There will be many things to taste and everyone will take home a jar or two of their own products.  Everything you need will be provided.  I can’t stress enough the excellent teachers you’ll have in this class!

If you are unable to make the preserving green class, we’ll also be holding an all-day class on tomatoes on September 20.  We will teach you how to can, freeze and dry tomatoes, make salsas, use up your green tomatoes, and determine which varieties are the best for all your needs.

Again, these spaces are filling up — call today to reserve your spot!