in which she ponders the scariness of fairs, with twinkies

The next few days are going to be scorchers.  I’ve watered the garden well, and I’m bunkered down in the one air-conditioned room in the house today.  If you are one of the gazillion people going to the Lane County Fair this weekend, please take all the heat precautions that need be.

I promised to bring you more pictures of the Twinkie Contest, didn’t I?  Alrighty, then.  A few more are posted below.  Make with the clicky, as usual, if you’d like to see larger versions of the photos.

I’m not sure what part of the fair is scariest to me, honestly.  Probably the ferris wheel.  Or the carousel with its time-frozen frothing steeds.  Too much Ray Bradbury.  But the twinkie monster being killed by the spaghetti military is right up there.  Or the booster gun twinkie, which was another kid’s design.  I don’t even know what a booster gun *is.*

Maybe that joke about the military holding a bake sale is more poignant than I thought.

Anyway, twinkies!  And the nice thing is that, unlike the pies which were already slooooping down on Tuesday afternoon with five more days to go, they will stay chemically fresh, defending themselves against any variety of monsters.


4 thoughts on “in which she ponders the scariness of fairs, with twinkies

  1. Sherri 14 August 2008 / 12:38 pm

    hehe… great shots. Some very scary things indeed. :)Wonder how many monsters the military has killed today? *ponders*


  2. your husband 15 August 2008 / 10:39 am

    please bring me back one of those monkeys.


  3. Serena 19 August 2008 / 1:25 pm

    That photo of the funtastic truck and the heaven truck is really special. oregon sunshine linked to your blog from hers and I enjoy what i have seen so far! Thanks,


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