if the military had to hold bake sales…

One of the many things that impresses me about the Master Food Preserver folks is that they get things done.  I always think of that old bumper sticker asking what would happen if the military had to hold bake sales for fundraising.  Well, I’d be scared if the military were run by the MFP volunteers!  I don’t want to quote figures, but you’d be amazed by the amount of money we’ve already raised to save the program, and the efforts that are underway.  Please consider this: many of these women get up at 4 am to milk cows, most put up hundreds of pounds of food each summer to feed their families through the winter, and others seek out the cheapest sources in town for emergency supplies and basic foodstuffs.  All turn straw into gold.  They are used to working really hard toward a goal with selfless, continual, creative methods to get there.

One of these creative ideas is to host a premium parking lot for the upcoming Lane County Fair.  If you park in the Extension lot or the one to the west of the Extension lot — the ones right next to the Fairgrounds — on Tuesday (Aug. 12) or Wednesday (Aug. 13), we’re asking for a donation of $10 per car.  When you drop your hamilton, 100% of the money will go toward saving two longstanding and popular Lane County Extension programs, Master Food Preservers and Extension Homemakers.  Not a single penny will go toward building bombs!  Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to chat about your blue ribbon preserves or ask how to season homemade spaghetti sauce for maximum tomato impact.  Please consider coming on down and parking in the lot; we’d really appreciate your support!

P.S.  Did you see last week’s Register-Guard article on making pickles?  There were a few mistakes in the article, but it’s still pretty good, and it talks about the MFP hotline.  Plus, I’m jealous because I’ve been trying for weeks to take a good picture of my kosher dill pickles next to some fresh cucumbers, and failing miserably — they did it well!


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