my reputation spreads far (harrisburg) and wide (one person)

After my shift slinging no-bake breakfast bars — the Food Pantry Project recipe of the month — at the Coburg food pantry, I hightailed it north to Detering’s Orchards in Harrisburg to feed my food-drying addiction.  While I was immersed in green beans, a friendly face smiled at me and said, “nice day for cherry picking!” and “you’re Eugenia from Culinaria Eugenius, aren’t you?”  She didn’t seem to be concealing a weapon, so I came clean, and discovered I was talking to Eat Local Eugene, another local food blogger, who had rushed over to the farm after work to pick cherries and found, well, me.  I was very sad I didn’t have time to follow suit, but my dehydrator — like a crack pipe or a mound of fries or dirty Serge Gainsbourg videos on the Internet — was waiting for me at home.  Not that I’d know anything about the Serge Gainsbourg videos.

But Eat Local Eugene made a good point:  it’s cherry picking time, and the time is now.  They have lovely Bings and Royal Annes at Detering’s, and the price for U-pick can’t be beat.  I was told that the pie cherries (the sour, ruby red ones) will be ready any day now, so please give them a call to see if they’re available before you go to the orchard.  I dried a bunch of fresh Bings and some frozen pie cherries, and they both turned out sweet and tart and lovely. Can’t wait to use them in salads and desserts…

And Eat Local Eugene, I’d love to see what you did with yours!


5 thoughts on “my reputation spreads far (harrisburg) and wide (one person)

  1. brightviolet 17 July 2008 / 9:05 pm

    Hmm didn’t realize Gainsbourg’s videos were so weird… I’ll take Jacques Brel any day over Gainsbourg tho!

    I heart Brel


  2. brightviolet 17 July 2008 / 9:07 pm

    (btw this is Claire from previous comments. Decided I need to get with the times and switch from LJ to WordPress. I’ve used fairly extensively for my company, but I’m new to


  3. stefanie 17 July 2008 / 10:28 pm

    From 30 pounds of Bing cherries, I now have 2 quarts dried, 5 quarts of various liqueurs (from 3 different recipes), 6 half-pints of preserves, 1 half-pint of Indian pickles, 12 half-pints of chutney, and a gob of barbecue sauce (frozen). I went a little crazy…now it’s on to Boysenberries. I’m going to have to can some of these because, sadly, after strawberries and raspberries, I have no freezer space left.


  4. Eugenia 18 July 2008 / 10:20 am

    Wow, Stefanie, that’s impressive!


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