strawberry comparison

Preparatory to anything else, I put up six half-pints and five mini-jars of strawberry-elderflower jam yesterday.  I couldn’t resist a half-flat of Bentons at the Saturday Market, just because we had been discussing them.  And the MFP Hotline people were right, they are bright red and make a tasty jam.  They’re also delicious, a lighter but still complex, flowery strawberry taste than my beloved Seascapes.  I thought the Bentons were better than the Shuksans I used for jam last year.

I also bought a pint of “Honey-Os” (Honeoyes) for eating. Though I had planned differently, I was once again seduced by no-pectin strawberry jam.  The Honeoyes were really tart.  I thought they’d add a bit of natural pectin, so I threw them in the mix.  Perhaps they did; the jam’s rather runny, but I think it will set up a bit firmer than what it looks like now.  The color is really nice (as you can see for yourself here), and would have been even better had I opted to use pectin and therefore not to cook it so long.

Anyway, the header picture is a berry color comparison.  Left to right: Seascape from my strawberry planter, Benton from the Slusher farm, Honeoye from Hentze Family Farm.  Each variety has different sizes and shapes, so the size here means nothing.


4 thoughts on “strawberry comparison

  1. marketcook 23 June 2008 / 6:04 am

    The Albany market finally had berries this weekend, and I bought a half flat for the barbecue I threw on Saturday, where folks happily munched them straight from the little pint boxes, ignoring the marionberry pie and blueberry cobbler others had brought. And we had enough left over that my sister and I experimented last night with sheer decadence: Battered and deep-fried strawberries. I’ll be blogging that later today; for now, I’ll just say: Oh. My. God.


  2. Eugenia 23 June 2008 / 7:43 am

    I’d be curious to know what varieties they have up by you…

    and what varieties you used for the fritters! I’m assuming you used larger, harder ones? I think Seascapes would turn to mush.


  3. stefanie 23 June 2008 / 3:27 pm

    Try Helen Witty recipes for raspberry and strawberry preserves. You mix sugar and fruit and acid, let the sugar dissolve first, and then cook quickly in a wide, shallow pan. The strawberry you let sit overnight. The results are crazy delicious: bright, fresh, jewel-like.


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