tomato starts, 2008

Yup, I’m tilling the back 40 (yards, not acres). My dirt delivery from Lane Forest Products arrives today, and I’ve been mucking about in our native heavy clay, prepping my vegetable beds, and buying starts. I’ll write about my complete 2008 garden plans later, but here’s a taste of my tomatoes. Seven plants again this year.

– Siletz, an early ripening Czech slicer that does well here [ETA 6/1: Felled by blackspot, replaced quickly by tomatillo, on advice of OSU garden writer!];
– German Striped, heirloom slicer, red and yellow marbled;
– Yellow Pear cherries;
– Supersweet 100 cherries;
– Sungold cherries (the best cherry tomato ever);
– Willamette, a small slicer;
– Saucey (2), determinate plums for canning.

Saucey and Siletz came recommended by a woman who did a presentation in the MFP class last week. She also recommended Fourth of July, but I haven’t seen those at market or Down to Earth and I’m probably not going to trek down to Territorial this week. I might check out Gray’s, dunno. [Edited to Add: Looked at Gray’s — no dice. Their tomatoes were really picked over, as could be expected!]  Another strong recommendation was Black Krim, also M. I. A.

This year, I bought a couple of further-along quart-sized tomatoes from Fred Meyer’s, which sometimes has good plants indeed, and I’ll see if that’s a good plan or not.

PS. That’s my ‘Virginia Richards’ rhody, which I thought was a lost cause when we moved in and it didn’t bloom. You go, girl!


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