a post formerly known as “look at the size of that artichoke!”

Spring has sprung! Huge artichokes at Market of Choice this week, yo. I wanted to tell you all about them, then mention my new favorite dry Riesling by using the bottle to show off the size of the artichoke. Chateau Ste. Michelle’s 2006 Dry Riesling, judged my favorite after obsessively trying all the rieslings in town that fell into the $10-and-under category, is currently on sale at an astonishingly low price of 7 bucks at Albertson’s on 18th. The 2007 just won a top award at the Riverside International Wine Competition in Riverside, CA, just a stone’s throw away from The OC.

As I’m carefully setting up the shot, Retrogrouch comes home and decides he wanted to show his favorite springtime treats, too. Soon enough, we have a veritable photo essay.

So: look at the size of that artichoke!

Why am I the only food blogger who has to put up with this malarky?


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