asian grandma dishes put to test

I’ve been busy testing a few recipes for Pat Tanumihardja‘s in-progress work, The Asian Grandmothers Cookbook. I’d buy a copy for the pad see ew recipe alone. I’ve made it twice in the past week. It is a Thai dish with rice noodles, gai lan (aka Chinese broccoli), egg and meat.



My poor little camera, who limps along on its 3-legged megapixels, straining to focus enough for these demanding food photos I keep trying to take, didn’t see as much charm in the dish as I did, but tried its very best.

Another recipe is for one of my favorite comfort foods, the Japanese oyako-don, a type of chicken and egg omelet over rice which I enjoy for the perverse pairing of oya (parent) and ko (child). My version has less oya and more ko, but it is still quite tasty.

So if you remember your Asian grandmother fondly or have always wanted one of your own, keep Pat’s cookbook in mind for 2009!


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