buñueloni cocktail — keepin’ it real

One of the delights of blogging with WordPress is the feature that allows one to see how people reach the site through search terms. Some of my favorites include:

    • dscf6255.jpgroot veggie puns
    • bile sludge couscous like
    • why put peanut butter in beef stew
    • shake and bake one pot meth manufacture
    • thai food tastes like bile
    • will my cats eat my chickens
    • “how to make” “chinese” “bamboo hat” and
    • glutton free butter

    Any guesses on what’s the number one search term of all my posts, one that hits my site about three times more than any other phrase?

    How to cut an orange. Yes, folks, there is a serious dearth of information about the correct way to cut an orange. If I have any use in this world, anything they’d write on my epitaph, it will surely be that she knew how to cut oranges. And I’m glad to be of service.

    But one search term that has started to come up at first thrilled me, then made me disgruntled. I was happy to see that people have started to become interested about the buñueloni, the drink invented by film director Luis Buñuel that I spent months painstakingly (ok, not so painstakingly but OCD was involved) researching. I’m no mixologist, but I truly feel I’ve made one small contribution to cocktalian culture by pinning down the perfect rendition of this drink. So I did a search on “buñueloni cocktail” and I see the intarnets are now flooded with recipes on all the free drink dot com sites. WTF? Their “buñueloni cocktail” is most decidedly NOT. The buñueloni does not have dry vermouth in it, there is no lemon, no orange juice, it is not served in a white wine glass, and it is not accompanied with a slice of lime. So, future searchers, search no more: if you are looking for the authentic (ish) recipe for the buñueloni cocktail, the one actually used (we think) by Buñuel, go to my recipe here.

    /righteous indignation

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