restaurant reviews

I’m planning a few restaurant reviews. Reviewing restaurants in Eugene is just plain depressing. I don’t want to sound like a harpy or a snob or a complete whiner, but frankly, when it comes to restaurants, I am. This is a town crazy for expensive fusion, for pretentious dscf3558.jpgluxury ingredients in otherwise easy-to-prepare dishes to justify an outrageous cost. To wit: I made a simplified version of Tony Bourdain’s bouillabaisse a couple of weeks ago, using fresh seafood from the Fisherman’s Market, of our three (!) wonderful seafood markets, and the bill came to about 30 bucks for a huge pot of soup and fish. I see bouillabaisse is on the menu at the French bistro in town for $27 a bowl. Honestly, I just can’t justify going out to eat something *that expensive* I can prepare at home with plenty of leftovers. I know my situation is a bit unusual because I have cooking chops and time on my side (well, that is when I’m not slaving away on the diss) and a disproportionate palate to cash ratio, but I still feel I should register my frustrations, since this here’s an academic town and academics do like to spend their money on meals.

So anyhoo, I have a couple of crabby restaurant reviews in the works. One of the goals of this blog is to provide unsponsored, culinarily literate restaurant reviews that aren’t along the lines of “I’ve never eaten sushi before, but OMG, this is the best sushi ever!” So that’s what yer gonna git, as soon as I finish gittin’.

First up is what I’ll call the Happy Chinese New Year Eugene’s Chinese Food Massacre. Just you wait, dear friends, just you wait.


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