buckwheat cocoa nib cookies, diamonds in the rough

I’m still learning how to use Word Press. I’ve been blogging for many years in various places, but I’ve never blogged here, and I’ve never done a dedicated food blog, but I do have a whole bunch of recipes that I’m eager to share here, and I’m planning to start bragging about some of the great local products we have in the Willamette Valley and rustle up a list of links to PNW food and drink bloggers in the next week or so. But right now, I’m busy eating incredibly delicious cookies:


I don’t even know what to say about these Buckwheat Cocoa Nib cookies, they’re that good. You would never, ever think that buckwheat flour, a smallish amount of sugar, and unsweetened cocoa nibs would turn out a cookie this delicious, but they are truly irresistible, as the lovely Orangette claims in her blog entry, from where I stole the recipe. There’s no added chocolate in these cookies; they are just darkened by the buckwheat.

I only have one suggestion — a few of the cocoa nibs in my bag from Dagoba (a nice Oregon company out of Ashland) were large and hullish, so it’s a good idea to sort through the nibs before adding to the dough. I used the plain, unsweetened nibs, but I suppose you could use the fancy ones, too. The plain ones gave plenty of chocolatey flavor to the cookies, plus a nutty afterglow.


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