IMG_5070Dispatch from the land of kale:  have you started your winter garden?  The cool kids (i.e., not me) are planning already, but I’ve been happily monitoring the spread of better, more tender varieties of kale. For kale, you see, should go in now, as should many of the crucifers.  Consider taking a winter gardening class if you see one in your area, and if you are fortunate enough to live in the Willamette Valley or the maritime PNW, download Adaptive Seeds’ maestro farmer Andrew Still’s comprehensive chart of Willamette winter gardening.

As for me, I’m still working on fighting the aphids on my spring kale.  I planted ‘Fizz’ this spring, which is great, but I still like my favorite ‘White Russian’ a little better because I love the slightly sweet taste and larger array of ruffled leaves.  ‘Fizz’ and other varieties are available (above) at Gray’s, and you can buy a bunch of ‘White Russian’ to sample from Ruby and Amber’s Organic Oasis at the Lane County farmers market, or at least you could last year.

What kale varieties have worked for you?


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