And since I’m on a blogging roll, I wanted to brag about my Punchy Cranberry Sauce again this year.  Need a cranberry sauce recipe to wow your friends?  You’ve come to the right place.  Ginger Street and Northwest Orangezest, turn left at the bog.  I’m amending the recipe this time to include less cinnamon, and adding star anise, more zest, and a hit of sugar plum syrup.

But if you insist on checking out alternatives, there are some alternatives on this old Chow thread, too.  I’m particularly interested in the pear-coffee-cranberry sauce, and the cranberry-onion-horseradish relish.  Not that I’d switch teams or anything, but thought I’d throw ‘em out there.

There’s also this cranberry pie recipe from fellow Michigander blogger Kitchen Chick.

What’s your recipe?

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